What's Your Current Favorite Mouse?

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What brand is your favorite mouse? (You can choose two.)

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  1. SteelSeries

  2. Corsair

  3. Razer

  4. Logitech

  5. Roccat

  6. Microsoft

  7. Apple

  8. Zowie

  9. Mad Catz

  10. Gamdias

  11. Other (Please post details in thread)

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  1. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox BGA Filth-Hating Elitist

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    Wow, that was quite the steal you got there Brother @saturnotaku. Fantastic value, for sure.
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  2. Raidriar

    Raidriar ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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    I got my razer ouroboros brand new on ebay for 35$ a while back. It may not be practical , but it is certainly a cool/fierce looking mouse! Fits my needs just fine.
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  3. 1610ftw

    1610ftw Notebook Consultant

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    So I got the M65 Pro - a very nice looking and well built piece of hardware and really responsive and configurable, too.
    Unfortunately for me it has three downsides compared to my current mouse which is the Mionix NAOS 3200 that fits my hand like a glove:

    - the surfaces that the thumb and the pinky finger rest on are really rough and for some reason it always feels to me as if there is some dirt there, not a fan of that kind of surfaces although I am sure that others will prefer it to smooth surfaces
    - the mouse is a bit short I'd think for most who want to rest a bigger part of their hands on their mouse and I should point out that I have relatively small hands, not some kind of bear paws :D
    - the two buttons on the left that I use for going back and forth in a browser or in other applications are a bit too far back when the rest of my hand seems to sit just right so that I have to distort my thumb a bit too much to use the back button

    It is too bad as the Corsair really has a nice and solid feeling and both clicking and movements feel nice and I also like the third button on the left - I thought it would be an issue that I'd accidentally click on it but I didn't.

    So there it is - the Corsair is a very good mouse but it just isn't for me. I just bought another Mionix after this test as I noticed that they seem to go out if production. My current one must be at least 5 years old by now and apart from some wear to its finish where my hand rested all these years it is still going strong - take that Logitech!
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  4. Shark00n

    Shark00n Notebook Deity

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    That's a mean bit of kit for that price.
    If you game a lot though, that laser sensor is a bit flawed.
    Still, great deal! Really like the features on that mouse.
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  5. jc_denton

    jc_denton BGA? What a shame.

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    Quite happy with the Zowie EC2-A at 400DPI/1000Hz, might eventually try the Final Mouse with the updated sensor.
  6. Vasudev

    Vasudev Notebook Nobel Laureate

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    I bought a Logitech G304/305 mouse after my Logitech g9x aka TactX AW mouse cable broke and laser started getting too hot.
    Impressed by the performance and stellar battery life in default DPI 5000 mode and 12k DPI. Its really fast and low latency thanks to Lightspeed Technology.
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  7. Dennismungai

    Dennismungai Notebook Deity

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    I use three mice at the moment:

    (a). Logitech G703: This is the go-to on the EVOC P775TM1-R. Paired with the powerplay pad (on which I use the rough surface instead of the smoother fabric alternate), its' perhaps the best mouse I've used in a long time. Light weight and accurate.

    (b). Logitech G502: I use this primarily with the desktop PC, cable management enabled via a cheap chinese mouse bungee on a no-name mouse pad. Works quite OK, as long as you remove the weights from the mouse. Two weights in the front is an optimal combination.

    (c). Logitech G602: This one has found a permanent residence in the Everki Titan laptop bag I lug around to LAN parties and when I'm on the road. Despite its' age and dependence on a pair of AA batteries, I find it quite pleasant to handle, with a near perfect grip and multiple remappable buttons. Its' the mouse that just won't quit on me no matter the abuse it takes. Three years+ and still going strong.

    Of the three, my top pick would be the G703. Only issue I've got with it is the material they use for the grip. It seems to "wear out" over time.
    A close second is the G502, despite being a wired mouse. The sensor they use on that mouse is nearly perfect.
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  8. geko95gek

    geko95gek Notebook Evangelist

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    Glad I found this thread...

    So I had a Razer Deathadder 2013 for like 5 years and it was the most dependable mouse I'v ever owned, until the side grips started inevitably peeling off... LOL

    Then the time came to try many mice and find THE ONE I was gonna stick with for at least a couple of years... here is the list of the mice I tried since about 2 years ago (not in any order):

    Logitech G Pro
    Logitech G403 Wireless
    Steelseries Rival 310
    Steelseries Rival 600
    Steelseries Sensei 310
    Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye (black)
    Roccat Kone AIMO (white)
    Zowie EC1-b (black)
    MIONIX Castor (black)
    Cougar 500M

    Before I finally settled on the Cougar Revenger S, its so light and the shape is almost the absolute perfection for me! However, its farily small so I'm currently planning to go larger with the standard Revenger... but just haven't found a good deal on it yet! Totally recommend to check the Cougar mice out, they are really good shape.

    I feel like this is gonna be my end-game mouse for sure - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cougar-Revenger-optical-gaming-mouse-black/dp/B01LZ0VSIH

    I love the pilot missile launch DPI button that has to be pulled back instead of just pushed! So you can never press it accidentally! :D
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  9. Casowen

    Casowen Notebook Evangelist

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    So here is what I am looking for. I want a mouse wheel that can switch between hyper scrolling and regular click interval wheel scrolling, but doesnt have a terrible wheel for a middle click button. Hard lesson getting a G502only to miss that. I also am not a fan with the way it clicks, at least compared to the mx master 2, which clicks just perfectly.

    So what other mice are like a G502?
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