What's the deal with the P75 creator laptops and support?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by nosirrahx, Oct 25, 2020.

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    I have chased that rabbit hole on my GT72, trying lots of oROM and driver versions chasing performance, even Fernando from win-raid did it and created pairs of oROMs and drivers, but between the best of the best and stock iRST oROM there is like a 1-2MB/s difference in read/write speeds, if it works, dont touch it is my motto for firmware.
    The MSI BIOS is pretty decent with the unlockable menus anything you need to tweak is accessible without BIOS mods, heck I'm not even running the last BIOS for my GT75 and I'm running a BIOS from 2019, everything works fine, why risk to botch it with some stupid hw limitation.
    You are putting way more value into a BIOS update than it really offers, or you might get a poisoned pill like Acer is giving with locked undervolting and a forced +51mV voltage offset..

    I'm not against updates for sake of security, but plundervolt is such a specific exploit that they could name it extract widevine and HDCP keys exploit..
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    Hahaha of course, which is my original point- If you don't have an issue for the time being, asking for a BIOS update is like throwing a rock into the ocean. You should always keep in mind any vulnerabilities and deficiencies that affect you into account, that doesn't mean that vulnerabilities appear on a regular schedule.

    Vendors should provide updates for software to give you the most stable, working product you can get. Requiring specific ones like nvidia drivers on a consistent basis is nonsense as these get updated so much and by many factors that would require additional manpower to just "test" for stability. What they should do is test big stable releases and then put them on the site, but no manufacturer will ever keep up with drivers nearly as much as hardware manufacturer themselves. As you pointed out, Intel rolled out drivers to address what some people were experiencing. Not everyone, so not all updates have the same value for all users.

    That being said, you can literally ask support to consider any and all issues you have with the product so that they can take it upon themselves to fix it with updates. The reason why some machines feel left alone to their demise is because some are quite niche new products. Naturally you will see the most support on the "popular" models while some will feel left in the dust. But sometimes they simply take a while to update, or some updates are compatible but not left in the web page. They definitely need to work on that as you point out, so that the page at least has the most recent tested and working drivers. Often times you can get some of those by contacting them directly.

    As for BIOS, you already know these should be performed for important tasks and IMO indeed be left to the end user, not pushed by windows (which casually just happened with my Dell XPS). Vulnerabilities and issues do not appear on a regular schedule, and just because 5 manufacturers get impacted, doesn't mean all will necessarily do so for all possible issues. Likewise, you should still contact MSI regarding your product because that way they will pay more attention to it. Remember MSI is not nearly as big as other manufacturers and they will take time pushing updates.

    All of these concerns should also be sent to them, not just here in the forums. Here we can help you with issues, but if you also contact MSI you will at least raise awareness on the status of your machine.

    Anyways, I do feel as senso pointed out, that you are maybe putting more value into BIOS updates than what it actually offers. As for drivers, it is what it is currently, but with your input you can help them do better with that line of products. I do recommend contacting them about their plans but more importantly, for software updates that you need.

    So to answer your topic title- The P Creators series are very much new, they attack a niche segment and thus they might have the least amount of time spent updating the page. What can it be done? Contact them and voice your opinion on the matter and hopefully they will start changing their current situation.

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