Whats the best QHD phone I can get in Canada For Under 300?

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets' started by JRE84, Sep 4, 2017.

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    Im looking for a good 300 or less phone with a qhd display, does anyone have a recommendation?

    It will mainly be used for VR as I don't think my current laptop is VR capable.

    Off Topic! Does anyone know if a 970m msi ge62 can run vr if I get a MDP to HDMI adapter to the occulus because if I can do VR on my Laptop that would probably be alot nicer than on a phone, thanks again!
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    Are you trying to find a phone for use as a cheap PC VR headset, running Trinus VR or Riftcast VRidge? If so, you'll be looking at older flagships like the LG G3/G4/V10 or Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, as WQHD is a flagship spec even today. If you're looking for a standalone mobile VR experience, you won't find a WQHD Daydream-capable phone that cheap, but you could use one of the aforementioned phones for simpler Cardboard apps.

    Unless you need a new phone anyways, I'd definitely recommend getting a dedicated PC VR headset instead, especially after recent price cuts of the Rift and Vive. A 970M is a bit underpowered for an all-out VR experience, but you can get quite far with lowered settings in some games. You can get a better feel for your laptop's performance using the following benchmark:

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