what to do to impress a girl for the first date

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kenny1999, Mar 24, 2017.

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    Oh I bet he earns more than me.
    Go into aviation they said, it's a high paying industry they said...
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    I brought a single rose for my fiance, and prodded her order coffee in English, had to help her because the teller was a drone. We will be getting married some time next year I believe, doing it legally complicates things.

    Though maybe I had it a little "easy". Korean men seem to on average be more superficial and dont weigh the opinion of korean women that well. She pulls me away from the computer to remind me that the world is outside, while on the other hand I got her addicted to Overwatch some how.

    I wouldnt bother with advise about lying to women, it becomes more work than its worth to maintain it. Unless of course the challenge is what invigorates you, but you wouldnt be asking a forum for opinions if that was your temperament.

    Humor is generally universal, you dont need to be Louis C.K. but a conversation with a couple of lolz never hurts. I'd also probably go run a mile if your the type of person to panic during a date.

    Politics is tricky, be careful on that subject and above all else be open minded.

    Best of luck man
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