What {phone,tablet} should I buy? (Fill out for recommendations)

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    Suggest a new forum for what phone/tablet someone should buy -- that may not quite be within the purview of this board, but there is a forum about phones and tablets, and there's enough overlap that this would be of use.

    I'd suggest a FAQ something along the lines of:

    1. What kind of device are you looking for (phone/tablet/both)?
    2. What country are you in?
    3. What carrier(s) are you interested in (or will you pick the carrier based on your choice of phone)?
    4. What mobile OS is acceptable (Android, iOS, other)?
      For Android phones, what release do you consider acceptable as a minimum?
    5. How long do you intend to keep your device?
    6. Are there any brands you particularly like?
    7. Will you consider a refurb/used device?
    8. Do you intend to play games and if so, what?
    9. Do you expect to watch video extensively?
    Basic Device Characteristics
    1. What size screen are you looking for? You can be specific or general.
    2. What are you looking for in battery life/capacity?
    3. Do you want a replaceable battery?
    4. Do you want the ability to use a microSD card to expand storage?
    5. Do you have a preference between a USB-C and traditional USB micro-B connector?
    6. Do you want a 3.5" headphone jack?
    7. Do you want wireless charging?
    8. Do you want fast charging?
    1. Do you have color preference:
    2. Phones: prefer wraparound screen or bezel?
    3. Buttons: prefer soft or mechanical?
    4. Other aesthetic preferences?
    Camera and Screen
    1. Do you care about the device's camera?
    2. Minimum megapixel requirement (front/rear), if applicable?
    3. Do you require 4K video?
    4. Other desired camera features?
    5. Minimum screen resolution?
    6. Do you require AMOLED or similar screen technology?
    1. Are there any other features you particularly want in a device?
    2. Are there any particular features you do not want?
    3. Do you anticipate rooting your device (if you don't know what that means, the answer is "no")?
      If so, any particular ROM you're interested in?

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