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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by redrahul, Jan 10, 2013.

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    What is the best of the best laptop I can buy? The highest and the most tech laptop with the most features on it? It can be any time. ALSO HAS TO BE TOUCHSCREEN!!!

    What is your budget?
    Any price

    What country will you be buying this in?
    USA or online

    What size notebook do you prefer?
    Thin and Light (13 - 14-inch screen)
    Mainstream (15 - 16-inch screen)

    What brands do you like or dislike?
    Like: Sony
    Dislike: Apple

    Would you consider a refurbished laptop?

    What are the primary tasks you need this notebook for?
    Web Surfing, Listening to Music, Computer Programming, Video Chat and Conference, Movie Streaming and Viewing, Output Video to TV or Large Monitor, Casual Gaming, Graphic Intense 3D Gaming

    What games will you be playing?

    Where will you be using this laptop?
    Will be used different places and Will stay on desk

    How many hours of battery life do you need?

    Will you be buying online or in store?
    online or in store

    Which OS do you prefer?
    Windows 7

    List the screen resolutions that interest you:
    Max Resolution (1920 x 1080)

    Do you prefer a glossy or matte screen?
    Glossy or Matte is fine

    Is the laptops design important to you?

    Approximately what date will you be buying this laptop?
    Around 07/10/2013 Or anytime later than that.

    How long do you want this laptop to last?
    6 years

    How much storage capacity do you need?
    1 TB+

    Are you interested in SSD for storage?

    Do you want a built-in optical drive, what type?
    Blu-Ray Burner
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    The question isn't quite that simple.
    The most powerful laptops you can get are the Alienware M18, Clevo P370EM and P570WM as they are dual GPU, but they are all big heavy beasts with nowhere near the battery life you want, and no touch screens.
    10 hours is a lot to ask from any laptop. Also, high end laptops don't have touchscreens.
    Below that you have Alienware M17, Clevo P150EM, MSI GT60 all customised with what you want.
    What I'm saying is, the most powerful machines don't have touchscreens. You want that, it not going to be fast, simple.
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