What is the Max Zbook 15 G1 Upgrade possible without major alterations

Discussion in 'HP' started by wbgenetic, Jan 8, 2020.

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    Thanks for the information in your post. I own the original Zbook 15 Dreamcolor and my screen is starting to get very dim with age (only 141cdm2), so I'm researching how to replace it. The screen itself is otherwise perfect; do you know if it's possible to replace only the backlight, and if so, what part I might need?

    If not, it seems nobody sells the full panel assembly any more, at least for less than thousands of dollars. Can just the panel itself be obtained separately, and if so what part number should I be looking for?

    Failing that, can a Dreamcolor display be converted back to a regular panel (and if so which is the best panel to opt for; I would favor the widest possible gamut and best brightness over higher resolution). Or will changing from Dreamcolor to a standard display cause me to have issues with the default color settings? If there will be color issues, what program would I need to fix it and how much cost are we talking?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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