What color calibration settings do you use for Alienware 15 R4's (17 R5's?) Laptop Display?

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    (I don't know if Alienware 17 R5 laptop display have the same identical color profile as the 15 R4 laptop display, but I'm assuming this is true, hence the title.)

    The problem I'm having is the constant tweaking to the color profile for my laptop display. I just feel something is off when comparing the colors on my external monitor.

    My laptop display is a 1920x1080x120Hz matte panel display, something that Dell removed starting this year for Alienware 15 laptops. (See here).

    I do understand that TN panel (laptop display) displays the colors differently than to the IPS panel displays, but I wanted to try and match it up as close as possible.

    I used this GIF image for calibration test:


    The following is my Nvidia Settings:







    I had to tweak the individual color channel settings, as well as turn off the default Windows automatic color calibration profile settings in the Color Management control panel settings by following this guide here (quoted below):


    I want to know what are your settings to tweak the color calibration on your laptop display.
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