What can i do about my touchpad? The lack of physical left/right click buttons is a horrible design

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by dtms, Dec 16, 2019.

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    I usually rest my pointer finger on the lower left edge of the touchpad (for left clicking) while I move the pointer around with my middle finger. As a result, because there are no physical left/right click buttons on laptops nowdays (so dumb), I often feel 'a lack of responsiveness' because when the two touch the pad, it stops my pointer from moving around thinking im going to scroll up/down or some functionality with 2 finger touch. Now I know I'm obviously suppose to lift my pointer finger/hover above the touchpad a bit, but sometimes it does make contact or i tend to left click a bit early moments before I finish my movement of the pointer with my middle finger (and misclick because it stops moving the pointer).

    It's really annoying, is there a way to disable a certain bottom percentage of my touchpad? or things I can possibly do like some kind of tape on the bottom portion of my touchpad or something?

    I have a windows 10 laptop and a EVOO EG-LP5-BK laptop which I just purchased and when I went to check their website for any possible software drivers for the touchpad I could not find any driver support on their page (which also scares me).
    Any ideas or what I can do? Why is this a mainstream design where I feel you lose a bit of utility as a result
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    Can you use a mouse instead? I also have an Evoo and find plugging in a gaming mouse is the way to go.

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