Well, the little dell is going to have a big job this spring. Documentary

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    I have been conversing with my friend who is a fuji X-Photographer about what format to shoot in. I was thinking 4k as it is going to more than likely be shopped to a tv network. Upon our discussions, 1080 is more than enough for what I am going to be doing. That makes files much easier to manage. I will still have hours and hours of footage to clip through once I am done shooting this summer and will be very busy putting a final edit together, but I find this project very interesting and their story should be brought up again. In today's climate and whats happening on the east coast with the fisheries, I feel some more light needs cast on the injustices that are happening to indgenous people even today. If you do some reading about what happened with the fisheries in NS, I am disgusted. But on to more positive things, Meetings are going to start this week.

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