Weird external usb-c nvme drive problem.

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    Guys i could really use some help,

    I bought an external USB-C -NVME enclosure (an Orico M2PV-C3 with RTL9210 controller) to use as a fast backup device with a spare Samsung PM961 drive i own.
    The system is a Latitude 5580 i5-6440hq with a Thunderbolt3 - USB-C port.

    The problem is the drive (or the enclosure) works normally only when plugged in a USB3 (type-A) port.
    When i plug it in the USB-C port, the drive is detected, an explorer window pops up with the contents, and after a couple of seconds the window closes and the drive (and the enclosure) disappear from the system.

    Looking at the device manager when i plug the device, i can see the Intel USB 3.1 host controller loading (only USB 3.0 host controller is loaded normally), only to unload a few seconds later.
    No message displayed, no trace in the event viewer about this.
    I tested the enclosure with a second Samsung PM981 drive, same result.

    The enclosure works fine on a NUC7 and in a Latitude 7480 (in the USB-C port).
    Funny thing, the enclosure works OK if i connect it in the USB-C port through my Thunderbolt3 hub (the drive in the hub's USB-C port)

    Bios, drivers, enclosure firmware are the latest.

    I am suspecting the problem is the laptop, not the enclosure.

    Any clue is welcome

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