Wayland on GNOME, or "It's about time someone enforced security"

Discussion in 'Linux Compatibility and Software' started by krisguy, Sep 11, 2017.

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    I get torn every time I try to run a GUI program with root permissions now. I switched to default GNOME with Wayland on the load of Ubuntu 17.10 Beta 1 I have installed on my work laptop. I love the fact that the graphics are snappier (Intel integrated, BTW) and it uses slightly less memory.

    The thing that I'm hearing people complain about is root user not being able to load programs while logged in as a normal user. Last I knew, that was a major security risk that X just didn't enforce.

    Looks like it didn't take much for GParted and some other apps to get fixed. I'm going through right now and working on a way to only ask for root on CLI calls on my company's new app. It's going to take some time, but it will be more secure in the long run.

    Rant over. Be prepared to hear a lot of complaining and questions about it.
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