W10 and Radeon Driver Madness Quick Fix

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    So I've been a proud user for w7 for sometime but after I decided to upgrade to w10 installing drivers in this is a total pain.

    I own a clevo P170M with a Radeon 7970M, and I hope this thread saves someone wrists.
    After I instaled it would automatically freeze when entering windows:
    Quick fix: disable ULPS.

    Freeze during Radeon driver instalation process:
    1- Prevent WU from installing drivers or it will always freeze your pc. You gotta be fast in this. You can either use the windows hide tool but I recommend you use the Group Policy Editor on your Registry.
    2 - Disable ULPS if you haven't done it yet.
    3 - In safe mode, use DDU and Radeon clean up tool, reboot as needed.
    4 - Check if you really don't have anything intel or radeon related instaled.
    5 - Check if your display adapters are disabled.
    6 - Instal the latest Intel drivers first, then install the Radeon ones.

    Hope this helps anyone facing the same problems!
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