VR Headset for Size 8 (cap size) head?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by merkman, May 21, 2019.

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    Greetings all. I know this isn't your usual Notebook Review question, but we seem to have a great forum section and I could use some help.

    A couple years ago maybe, I bought an HP VR headset "refurbished" from Amazon for $200. It was a great deal, and I was excited to try a Mixed Reality unit for the first time. But unfortunately, the person doing the "refurb" must have been an idiot. The headset constantly had USB connection issues, making the plug & play noises of connecting and disconnecting, and in general the headset never got power to even turn on. I returned it to Amazon making it clear that it was broken, and it should NOT be resold.

    I got a Oculus DK2 unit about 6 months ago. Online friends who play racing sims told me how great VR was, and I got the "used" DK2 for about $100 shipped. It seems to fit fine, worked well, just no touch controls and so I can't play most games.

    Hearing the HP Reverb was coming out, I was really excited to try it. I pre-ordered through Amazon, though two release dates came and went with nothing shipping. I got frustrated, cancelled my order, and then Amazon had a Samsung Odyssey + for $250 in the Warehouse Deals section. It was listed as only "Acceptable" with markings on the headset, and despite reservations about getting something bad, I made the purchase and it arrived in excellent condition. It worked (unlike the 1st gen HP unit), and I had high hopes.

    Only the Samsung unit has a plastic band that goes all the way around the top of your head, with only a dial to adjust the size. And with the dial "loosened" all the way, I still had to pull the headset down across my eyes and nose to see clearly. Doing so, I got marks across my forehead and nose, and it became clear after a couple of attempts to make it work... it just wouldn't. That just went back to Amazon yesterday.

    So I ask those of you hear who may know... what VR Headset might fit like the DK2 with adjustable straps? The wire could be a little annoying, but I had no issues putting on the headset and wearing it. I just want to upgrade for clearer optics and touch controls so I can play Beat Saber and other games. But I'm not willing to go to a non-PC based VR headset. I still want to use the new unit with iRacing and PC games.

    Thoughts? I just don't want to buy ANOTHER headset and have to return it because it doesn't fit. Thanks for whatever help you can provide!!!

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