VPCZ13C5E Wireless card / WWAN module not detected

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by hischmifisch, Jun 14, 2019.

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    I recently renewed the thermal paste on the CPU in my VAIO Z, since it was constantly overheating (no wonder, 9 years old and and the old thermal paste already turned to stone). I therefore disassembled the whole thing, did the job and put it back together. I unplugged the BIOS battery (I bet this was not a good idea) during the process and after that my wireless card is not detected anymore in Windows (I reinstalled Windows 7 pro). Also my 3G module is not found anymore. I installed the drivers but the modules are not even listed in the device manager. I thought maybe they are broken, so I bought a used Intel Centrino Advanced-N6200 622ANHMW Mini- PCIe wireless card and replaced it. Still no new hardware pops up in the device manager. Then I thought maybe there is a setting in BIOS that disabled wireless or the PCIe Slot because of the BIOS reset.
    To my surprise the BIOS had nearly no settings I could check ^^ so I performed this BIOS hack which is described in this Forum and checked again, but the PCIe Slots are enabled and there is no specific wifi setting.

    I don't know what to do, can anybody help me please? It is strange, Bluetooth is working and I can turn it off and on by switching the slider on the front side of the laptop but wifi and 3G module are just gone completely.
    At least my VAIO is not overheating anymore and runs like a charm :)

    BIOS v. is R3031C3

    Thanks in advance.
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