VPCZ12 - Request for bios hack files (cowboy's patch)

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by VPCZ12, Jun 2, 2018.

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    Hey guys, I wanted to finally upgrade my old vpcz1 to Windows 10 following this thread
    Unfortunately, the download link to the Cowboy's patch seems to be dead, so I can't proceed. Does anyone have a copy of the required files? I would highly appreciate it :)


    I love this laptop so much, even though it's almost a decade old now. I've recently replaced the thermal paste and cleaned the fan, so it's no longer shutting itself off at maximum performance. This laptop took a lot of abuse during its lifetime, but everything is still working 100%, although the outer plastic hinge (shell?) is cracked, but the main hinge is OK. These old laptops have such amazing reliability, which is something I definitely miss from newer laptops... I have a good feeling this is going to outlive my Vaio Canvas that is sitting on my table haha.

    My battery finally caked its pants yesterday after almost 8 years (would not hold a charge at 0%), so I ordered a 3rd party battery on Amazon for 30 dollars. I was shocked to find out surface pro 3 battery replacement service costs $400 dollars! Boy oh boy removable batteries are a godsend. The performance on this thing is still great. Handles photoshop, dolphin, Youtube @ 1440p (yes, with avc encoding on FF, not vp9) like a champ!

    Edit : Also I just found out Vaio Canvas battery replacement service costs $500. LOL WTF

    double edit : oops I see @Paloseco uploaded a mirror in this thread! -- Thank you! Why didn't I think about simply Googling the file name 8 hours ago, eh? :p
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