Voila! Vista and XP File Sharing Unlocked!

Discussion in 'Networking and Wireless' started by longhornbsbll15, Jul 31, 2007.

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    For me anyways.....

    Here is how i did it. Vista Laptop(dv6000t) to an XP Desktop(old dell...) linksys router.

    ok, I JUST NOW figured out how to get mine working. here's some of my details

    1. make sure the windows xp computer has this update installed(regardless of whether you have sp2 or not, i figured mine had it already).

    2. make sure that all of the listed options from both sites are checked out.


    3. setup your firewall to allow access from another computer, mine was norton so i cannot tell you exactly how to do it. but it was rather in depth as far as all the options i had to change on mine.

    4. i had to list my ip address from the vista laptop to be able to bypass the xp computers firewall(also norton) so that it allowed the access to go through.

    5. then you might have to wait for a little while before the xp comp shows up on the network screen for vista(the microsoft site listed up to 15 minutes wait, mine probably took 5).

    this is basically what worked for me, i've been working on it a while now so there might be a few steps missing, but i'm pretty positive thats how i got it to work. pain in the A%$!!!!
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