[Vaio Z Canvas] Recovery media; where? Also winbugs 10

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by RMSMajestic, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Please ignore my complain below
    I really like sony in general. Having owned UX 280, SVZ13 anniversary edition, X505 limited edition, I am really fond of sony for the build quality and all the crazy functions features and designs. But seriously maintaining a sony/vaio laptop is a PITA. I tried to put Vaio laptops in daily use but resulted in absolute fail...

    The thing I absolutely HATE about Sony/VAIO is their drivers, do they really have working drivers? Absolutely NOT. I have never ever managed find any working driver whatsoever on Sony website. It sucks so much harder even than HP.

    And making that even worse, they control the recovery media so tight that one cannot simply find any recovery media online. Unlike thinkpad, which have tons of recovery medias lying around which can be used across machines or even across platforms, I cannot even use the recovery media from SVZ131119S on SVZ1311C5E. Like, Sony, what on earth are you thinking and why are you making life so hard for your users and yourself?

    So last week I was thinking of selling my Vaio Z Canvas, and ofc I'd want to perform a factory reset, so I followed the instructions and after a few long hours, finally I should have a refreshed Vaio Z Canvas, but bang! After rebooting it shows only "Other Users" and what's even worse, in Chinese!

    And I tried again for 3 more times, same thing, I was not able to get to the desktop whatsoever! And even worse, this problem has occured a lot of times! Such as:

    Obviously enough, microsoft doesn't want people to go back to older version of the systems. And I think it's also highly likely that they delibrately invented ways to cripple the older machines from a refreshing experience by **** such as fastboot (renamed hibernation) and secure boot. But seriously winbugs 10 becomes a self duplicating virus that created 4 copies on my freaking drive!!!!!!


    Based on my understanding of Sony, I'd have no intention for a clean install. I have more faith in North Korea's democracy than sony's drivers. But now I'm completely screwed. with the current status of my Canvas Z, I have no idea what I can do. The closest thing I have ever managed was a incomplete control panel that contains no items. opening the cmd and type in explorer.exe or recoverydrive.exe or diskmgmt.exe resulted in "error, item not ready"

    What can I do? I hope some one can help me, or sell me a copy of recovery drive. I'd really appretiate it.

    Next time I buy a winbugs 10 laptop, I will force myself read this post again.

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    I found some driver downloads here, and other info here.

    Is it possible to just install win10 from usb and then install the basic drivers instead of trying to do a media restore?
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