VAIO CPU Fan speed not increasing

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by Roger Smith, Jun 23, 2017.

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    I have a Vaio E series laptop that has been working well for years now.
    I recently reapplied thermal paste to CPU and it was working fine. Now suddenly, the CPU fanis nont speeding up at all. It is running but at a constant slow speed. It is not revving up, which causes the laptop to overheat and shutdown.

    I have been using speedfan to monitor fan speeds for long time but never used it for controlling.
    2 days back I click the automatic fan control and then removed it. NOt sure if that is causing all this issue.

    I removed the laptop battery and reinserted it. Immediately I could hear the fans rev up on the next reboot but the issue started again after few minutes.

    Not sure if speedfan or anything messed up the fan settings. I have uninstalled it now but is not helping.
    Is there any way I can RESET or bring back to original settings??/ Please help !

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