Using 7600K/7700K in Area-51 R2?

Discussion in 'Alienware Desktops' started by Hero1711, Jan 30, 2017.

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    I have an Area-51 R2 with an i7-5930K (OCed to 4.4GHz on all cores), GTX 980Ti in SLI (OCed to 1227MHz core, 3802MHz VRAM), and 4x8GB of DDR4 (3000MHz XMP profile).

    I want to upgrade to an i7-7700K (or i5-7600K) and buy an aftermarket motherboard for it (The reason is that I am currently playing an UE3 based MMO and it requires good single-core performance). I have several questions, please help:
    1. What is the form factor(s) of the motherboard that can fit into the case?
    2. Currently there is a closed-loop cooler (from Dell) on the CPU. Do I have to get a different bracket for it to use with 7700K?
    3. Will I still be able to use the case lighting controls with the new motherboard?
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