[US48] WTB: 8540W W/FX1800M or similar size/weight/speed 15.6" - 16" laptop @ $300 - $450

Discussion in 'Want to Buy Forum' started by WARDOZER9, Apr 4, 2014.

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    As the title states I am looking for a newer laptop for myself now and I wouldn't mind another 8540W or something of similar size, weight and speed in the 15.6 range for $300 - $450.

    Spec's I'm looking for:

    Budget: $300 - $450

    Dimensions: As close to the 8540's 1.28" x 14.7" x 9.9" as possible
    Weight: For the unit I would like the weight to be 6lbs or less if possible with a maximum unit weight of 6.5lbs
    Screen Size: 15.6" - 16"
    Resolution: Highly prefer 1080P but will take 1600x900
    CPU: Minimum i5-540M, i7-620M or i7-740QM but 2nd Gen i-Series preferred.
    Memory: minimum of 4gb DDR3 with 2 slots total but 8gb+ would be preferred so I don't have to upgrade
    HDD: I will be installing my own SSD but would highly prefer a unit with an msata slot as well as standard HDD bay
    GPU: Bare minimum here of an FX 1800M or GPU similar to a GT 335M and it must be MXM so the GPU can be upgraded or at least replaced if I fry it OverClocking it
    Keyboard: Full sized keyboard is a must, no keyboards like those on the M4500 or W510 that have squished keys like the shift or enter key because I plan to game on the laptop and like my keys the way they are.
    Optical drive: Don't need it but would be nice to have as a backup though I will likely be cramming a HDD caddy in here
    USB: 3.0 is a must as all of my flash drives and externals are USB 3.0 so I would like to be able to use them at full speed again

    Misc wants: Bluetooth would be nice as well as a backlit keyboard
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