Upgrade AW 18 Dual 880s to Dual 980s?

Discussion in 'Alienware 18 and M18x' started by imest, Jan 8, 2015.

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    My Current Setup is:
    Laptop: AW 18
    CPU: Intel Core i7-4910MQ
    RAMx2: 16GB
    SSDx2: Intel 730 @Raid0
    GPUx2: NVidia GTX 880M
    PSU: 330W
    OS: Windows 8.1 Pro

    I would like to upgrade to the NVidia GTX 980Ms but reading the forums I see there is possibly a PSU wall due to the single 330W restriction on the AW 18. Is this restriction only for over clocking, or is it if the system has an MX CPU?

    If I did decided to purchase 2 x NVidia GTX 980M, what vendors sell them? do I need to flash a custom vBIOS? I know UEFI is required with Legacy turned off. Any other settings I need to follow?

    This is the last Alienware laptop I will purchase as I required non-soldered (CPU, GPU) solution when it comes to my PCs. With that in mind I would like to take it to its maximum gaming, processing capability.

    All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


    1Schumsta1 answered the question! Click link below:

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