Upgrade 6460b to quad core?

Discussion in 'HP Business Class Notebooks' started by imrazor, Mar 29, 2017.

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    I recently picked up a 6460b for a song, and was wondering if any CPU upgrades were possible. I would like a portable virtualization solution, and if I upgraded the RAM to 16GB and the CPU to a quad the laptop might fit this need. Looking at the service manual, it seems mine already comes with a top of the line i7-2640M (dual core w/HT), but I found at least one report of someone upgrading to an i7-2630qm (only 10w more TDP.) Is this actually possible?

    It looks like this uses the same chipset and cooling solution as the higher-end 8460p, which does have official support for quads. Has anyone tried this experiment?
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