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Discussion in 'Security and Anti-Virus Software' started by Primes, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Use 7-Zip? get the new version now due to security patches.


    - Multiple vulnerabilities in 7-Zip.
    - Late last year, landave, a self-described “Computer Science student enjoying cryptography, reverse engineering, and other information security topics,” discovered two startling security holes in 7-Zip.
    - Details of the bugs have to do with 7-Zip memory corruption, made worse by not running ASLR and DEP, and a heap buffer overflow in the shrink routine.
    - 7-Zip’s creator, Igor Pavlov, released a new version of 7-Zip, version 18.01, on Jan. 28, 2018
    - get the new version at http://www.7-zip.org/

    edit: oops didn't see Phoenix posted this in his updates thread, but this thread should stand as warning to patch asap.
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