Unlock Power Limits On K Series Alienware Laptop 7820hk/6820hk

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by tetraguy, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Hello everybody,

    I've owned my Alienware R4 17 for about two months, and it's one of the best thing technology can offer at the moment. But like anything that is too amazing it might have some flaws, which this device had, which where very high temps, but its understandable since it has a full gtx 1080 and a i7 K series... after reppasting with liquid metal I was able to OC the cpu up to 4.6 no issue but I had to use Alienware OC Controls Software which worked but it forced the fans to always remain at low 2300rpm even if the laptop was in idle.. I couldn't use the bios to OC because it will also keep the fan running non stop if I set the power limit 1 over 45w, and using Intel XTU was useless because the bios didn't allow it to control the power limits 1 & 2.. I felt frustrated because I don't like having to hear the fan running all the time even when reading articles online...

    So to the point. To solve the fan profile issue when overclocking Go to the Bios and go to turn on CPU performance mode, then go to overclocking level and pick "customization" then set both power limit 1 to "0" and power limit 2 to "0"

    by doing that, the bios won't over-write any power limits and will let you "finally" control it using XTU! and what even better is that NO MATTER HOW HIGH YOU SET THE POWER LIMITS, THE FANS WILL IDLE WHEN THE LAPTOP IS NOT UNDER LOAD, AND ALSO THE FAN PROFILE WILL BE EVEN BETTER "QUIETER" IF ON WINDOWS' POWER PLAN YOU SET CPU COOLING TO PASSIVE..

    I'm very happy that I've found the solution because I was frustrated with the fan noise, but now this laptop is the best thing ever! I hope this help you
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