Unable to access edid eeprom wrong video configuration detected

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by alberto0987654321, May 10, 2019.

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    Hi first thank you for reading this thread I appreciate any help to try to mitigate this fiasco.

    I decided to repaste Alienware 17r4 7820hk/gtx 1070 I’m a rookie so when asembling I put cables wrong place and placed tension on lcd cable and by doing so broke pins of cables and dislodged lcd conector on motherboard. Doing this has voided my 3 year premium onsite support. yeah I know I’m a fool but I was far away from the city and them damm Lappy was overheating just after 2hours of intense gaming(also very hot these days).

    Now that I’m home I have reinstalled windows connected to a tv and it works perfectly it just window crashes when gtx1070 display is on when I reboot into windows and display Nvidia is on so what I do is disable that display leave intel on before I finish with windows so when I log in windows next time it doesn’t crash and whenever I play I able again Nvidia display and works flawlessly with games, awesome scores of cpu and gtx so computer works perfectly it’s just that damm laced cable and lcd conector on motherboard(error code 0321 unable to access edid eeprom)

    When I boot though it resets three times then takes me to epsa diagnosis and gives me the error wrong video configuration detected!

    If you guys can advice me how to leave this laptop as best as possible

    Is there a way for lappy to bypass that 0321 error code? So it doesn’t reboot 3 times whenever I start computer?I’ve tried taping mobo conector and lcd conector but no avail, will completely unplug lcd cables works?

    The Nvidia display problem from what I vaguely gathered got something to do with the discrete and integrated card switching by itself something from Nvidia Optimus? I can not find option in Nvidia Control Panel and it just seems to me software related.

    Can lcd conector on mobo cheaply repaired? Should I buy new lcd cable and connect to see if still works? Dell technician didn’t try it.

    Resuming what are the best options if somebody has already done it and dealt with these kind of problems to make the laptop work as best as possible with external monitor, like a normal computer.

    Many many thanks for any advice or help
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