Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo)

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    Linux kernel
    Ubuntu 19.04 is based on the Linux release series 5.0. It includes support for AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics processor, complete support for the Raspberry Pi 3B and the 3B+, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, many USB 3.2 and Type-C improvements, Intel Cannonlake graphics, significant power-savings improvements, P-State driver support for Skylake X servers, POWER memory protection keys support, KVM support for AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization, enablement of Shared Memory Communications remote and direct (SMC-R/D), Open for Business (OFB), and zcrypt on IBM Z among with many other improvements since the v4.15 kernel shipped in 18.04 LTS.

    Toolchain Upgrades ️
    Ubuntu 19.04 comes with refreshed state-of-the-art toolchain including new upstream releases of glibc 2.29, ☕ OpenJDK 11, boost 1.67, rustc 1.31, and updated GCC 8.3, optional GCC 9, Python 3.7.3 as default, ruby 2.5.5, php 7.2.15, perl 5.28.1, golang 1.10.4. There are new improvements on the cross-compilers front as well with POWER and AArch64 toolchain enabled to cross-compile for ARM, S390X and RISCV64 targets.

    Ubuntu 19.04 ships with the latest GNOME desktop 3.32. This brings performance improvements, a host of bug fixes and some important new features.

    • Desktop upgraded to GNOME 3.32
      • Numerous performance improvements. GNOME Shell now feels faster and more responsive. More technical details here

      • Fractional Scaling support.
        • The Wayland session can now be scaled between 100% and 200% in 25% increments.
        • Experimental support in the Xorg session can be enabled to achieve the same. Read more here
      • New sound configuration panel making it easier to select your input and output devices
      • Changes to GNOME Initial Setup to add more settings up front and make it easier to enable location services (for example, to allow automatic timezone switching)
    • Tracker is now included by default. This allows the desktop to keep track of recently used files and improves searching.
    • Right click handling is now "area" by default. This allows both two-finger right clicking and clicking in the bottom right corner of the touchpad
    • alt-tab handling now switches windows by default. Switching applications by default can be done with super-tab
    • Preview order of windows in the dock is now static and based on the order in which the windows were added
    • IWD can now be enabled for use with Network Manager. IWD is a new alternative to wpa supplicant and is in testing for consideration in the future.
    • Installing Ubuntu Desktop on vmware will now automatically install the open-vm-tools package to improve integration.
    • The Yaru theme has seen further refinement and updates and includes a new icon theme.
    • Safe Graphics Mode. A new option is added to the Grub menu which will boot with "NOMODESET" on. This may help you resolve issues on certain graphics cards and allow you to boot and install any propriatary drivers needed by your system.
    • The latest releases of Firefox (66.0) and LibreOffice (6.2.2) are available and installed by default.

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    I installed that on my MSI Titan. Runs nicely. The nicest distro I found.
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