Travelmate 4602 hard drive nightmare

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Ajay Vohra, Dec 4, 2009.

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    I have a acer travelmate 4602 NWLMi with 1.73GHz, 1280MB RAM, DVD dual RW, 60 GB 5400 RPM. The hard drive started behaving erratically a couple of weeks back. First there were the usual windows xp errors (blue screen....) then it just refused to boot.I thought there was some issues with the op system, so i reinstalled it...same problem continued. Then i reformatted my C partition, installed fresh Windows XP. It rebooted, so i started installing the drivers for the laptop. Midway it just crashed. Tried to reboot,wouldn't. Tried re installation,wouldn't read the CD ROM.

    So I decided to buy a new hard drive...bought a Samsung 160 GB IDE, same error. Tried out a 10 GB hard was recognized,installed windows XP. I have been using it for ten days now, not that I can do much on it but it works.

    In the meantime, tried a 120GB drive, wasn't identified...but an 80 GB hard drive was.

    Thoroughly confusing....its an old machine so there is no service cover. I just want to figure out whats wrong with it before I go to an ACER service center.

    I found an earlier thread in this forum (3 years old) with the identical problem on similar machine...unfortunately didn't have a reply

    hi, i bought a travelmate 4602(1.73GHz, 1280MB RAM, DVD dual RW, 60 GB 5400 RPM) three weeks ago, and it has had some serious problems. maybe someone out here has some idea on how to solve them.
    firstly, it would start crashing (windows xp blue screen) and then later on it would refuse to boot. the service center guy replaced the hard disk but the same problem occured again. basically instead of saying "Fixed Disk 0: IT..(hard disk name)", it says "Fixed Disk 0: CTR0040" and hangs(sometimes it goes past this stage but then says operating system not found or disk error, press any key to restart or a PXE ROM error : media error - test cable and restart) curiously, if i lifted and shaked the laptop a bit the problem seemed to go away, the system booted up fine. but then blue screen errors recurred and the system stopped booting again.
    another thing is that if i remove the dvd drive and work with the laptop, everything works fine and the system doesn't crash. whenever i go to the support centre they just do a format and reinstall the os(win xp), it works fine for a few hours and then crashes again. so i again have to remove the dvd drive. have any of the travelmate users out here faced this problem?
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