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Toughbook Power Supply

Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by Zippy-Man, Nov 21, 2008.

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    This is getting a little over my head but, I can generalize. Volts and amps are completely different animals. The higher the volts the fewer amps are required to do the same work. HIGHER AMPS REQUIRE LARGER CONDUCTORS! This is important because, when you need to move the power over long distances you bump up the voltage allowing smaller conductors. This can effect you even with extension cords around the house. If you plug a 20amp skillsaw into a 100' 16ga. extension cord it will heat up and will burn out your motor due to voltage drop in the cord, too much resistance. Using a long 18ga extension cord on your toaster can burn down your house. The toaster actually heats up because it is designed to utilize the heat generated by the resistance to cook your toast. When it comes to Toughbooks, the amps are small enough to eliminate most of these issues, where they are important, Panasonic has been nice enough to install fuses. When it comes to charging batteries you need more volts than the nominal battery voltage to force the battery to charge but too many more volts will overheat the battery. You have probably noticed that your battery gets hot when you charge it. We have learned from Lind through Toyo that a CF-30 can handle 20v. We don't know how the computer handles the voltage internally and we don't know if battery life is impacted by the higher voltages. I'm inclined to trust Lind, but I still don't know why you would want to fool around with this. Now my hair hurts and I'm going to start stuffing the Turkey which I will cook by putting excessive amps through the conductors in the oven.
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    kd4e -

    The APM12US is actually rebranded/same product-different nametag as the Kensington 90W AC/Auto/Air adapter family I've been using for years; I have a 70W version that runs my CF-28 wonderfully and never gets more than barely warm, even when under full load AND charging batteries at the same time.

    Some people will find the modular input cords/power tips inconvenient compared to a second adapter meant just for your model; I keep one full kit in each car so no matter if I'm using my TB, Dell, or HP laptop I ALWAYS have the right power to charge on the road.

    Shop around on eBay; you can usually find these around $25-$35 w/shipping if you're a little bit patient.

    Good hunting,

    Bigger, faster, louder. All the good things in life.

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