Touchpad fix for Dell M3800 (and possibly others)

Discussion in 'Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision' started by tolga9009, Nov 3, 2018.

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    From day one, I felt like the touchpad felt unresponsive and buggy. And there was no solution - no registry settings / hacks, no driver updates or anything else fixed it. And I tried a lot (back then). That's when I decided to wipe the Windows partition and exclusively run Linux on my machine.

    Specific Problem: when I moved the cursor just a tiny bit and clicked, cursor snapped / jumped back, leading to erroneous inputs. Threads about this can be found across the web, some of them:

    Dell XPS 13 here:

    HP Spectre x360, same issue:

    Now, about 4 years later, I once again revisited this issue and finally found a fix for it! Lenovo provides drivers for Synpatics clickpads, which provides an interface for Microsoft's Precision Touchpad (this was thought to be impossible for older devices like M3800). Effectively, your touchpad will behave more responsive, smoother, feature Microsoft's gestures (including 2-Finger Zoom and 3-Finger gestures) and you can setup everything from Windows' settings, rather than Synaptics'. Most importantly: the snap-back issue will be gone!

    You can find a guide here:

    So, even if you're on another laptop, facing the same issue, it might be worth a try. Worst case: your touchpad stops working and you need to revert / reinstall touchpad drivers using keyboard only / external mouse.

    Let me know your results.
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    Nice findings! Will give it a shot later today. Always missed 2 Finger Zoom and 3 Finger gestures on my old Precisions.

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