Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 (1LZ) i5 Ivy Bridge CPU Upgrade

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by bennni, Aug 14, 2019.

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    OK, So I am fully aware that almost nobody will still run such an ancient system but I just wanted to correct some information that I've seen online.

    The system came with the Intel Core i3-2348M (Sandy Bridge, non-HT, non-TB)

    I was able to upgrade to the i53340M (Ivy Bridge - HT and TB enabled)

    I read a few accounts, claiming that after 30 minutes, the system shut itself down. This was attributed to being due to a CPU whitelist. I can't account for why other people report issues but I had none.

    I am using the original 65w charger however I did swap the thermal paste with Thermal Grizzly liquid metal.

    I'm tempted to not even post this because the system is so old but maybe someone else out there still rocks the same system. Since I purchased the XPS 15 9560, I don't have much use for the C850 but it was fun to upgrade it.

    A screenshot of the system report screen:

    Screenshot (5).png
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    The 30 minutes shutdown is due to something in the ME firmware, I did a similar upgrade in a related Toshiba, but its one that only accepts celeron CPU's, with anything above i3 it shuts down after 30 minutes, but if the ME is disabled it works fine.

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