Toshiba S50D-A Laptop dying

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by mwake, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Hi, I have a frustrating problem with my Toshiba S50D Laptop. I fear something is wrong with the MB.

    1. Difficulties booting can press the power button on an off multiple times and it won't boot. One thing that will get it to boot sometimes is to lower the lid/screen up and down and this seems to get it to boot, not all the time but sometimes.
    2. If you can see in the screenshot the battery icon will have a white cross overlayed on top of it. Then the keyboard keys (except function keys) will become nonresponsive at the same time. The two things are linked. Sometimes Windows 10 will start and the keyboard is non-responsive and sometimes it becomes non-responsive midsession and always running parallel to this is the battery icon issue.

    Another symptom is that the TOSHIBA PC HEALTH MONITOR program will stop monitoring the system temp/fan/power usage at exactly the same time the keyboard and battery cross symbol appears. PC monitor reports maximum temperature but I know this is incorrect as i have an external temperature reader.

    I have a strong feeling the MB is faulty, I guess I wanted to find out if there was anything else I could try. I the only thing I haven't tried is reflashing the bios. But it is so unstable sometimes I fear it would get bricked iif I tried that. The irony is that sometimes I can play intensive games like Portal 2 for hours with no problem. But then if I shut it down or try to restart then I might spend 5 minutes to get it to boot.

    ScreenClip.png ScreenClip.png
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    if the board turns out to be faulty, take your Toshiba laptop to the nearest computer repair shop and have it fixed
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