Toshiba L300-11C upgrade

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by Deks, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Hi guys...

    So, a friend of mine has this outdated laptop (Toshiba L300-11C, Model no: PSLB0E-0230) with a non-functional HDD (the laptop belonged to her now dead partner) and she expressed desire to upgrade it as opposed to buying a completely new one (at least for now).

    I settled on getting the Crucial MX 500GB SATA SSD and 2x4GB (or 2x2GB) ddr2 so-dimm - but I cannot be sure if the motherboard chipset would work with 8GB or not (4GB would likely be a safe bet)... any ideas?

    Now, in regards to the CPU, does this laptop support T7500 cpu, and compared to T2370 (which is presently inside), would it be much better? Price is not an issue since T7500 is excessively cheap to get from eBay (less than £10) and I'd have to open the laptop anyway to clean out the dust and replace the thermal paste... my primary concern is would the T7500 work?

    I can access the laptop BIOS, but unfortunately, it doesn't display any useful information in regards to chipset, etc.

    So, could the laptop support T7500 and 8GB RAM?
    If not, I might just leave the CPU as is, repaste it, and get 2x2GB ddr2 So-dimm instead.

    I know, I know, getting a new laptop would be a lot better, but she said she's ok with this for now.
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    As far as I can tell, this one's based on the GM965/GL960 chipset, seeing as it uses the GMA X3100 GPU.

    Yes, the chipset WILL support the T7500 (I am writing this from my Aspire 5920G which came from factory with a T7500), and from my experience with a HP DV9500 (PM965, which is GM965 sans integrated GPU), it should accept 4GB sticks (I have 6GB in mine, 1x4GB+1x2GB) so it should also work with 8GB.
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