Toshiba A135-4527 internal mic ?

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by mikey99, Jun 28, 2007.

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    I purchased a Satellite A135-4527 , seems pretty nice
    so far. I'm unable to determine if this system has an
    internal microphone. There is a small hole on the front
    of the laptop case, and the Quick Start card that came with the
    system says internal microphone (available on some models).

    At first I couldnt get the internal mic or the external attached mic
    to work. After fiddling around with it for literally a couple hours
    making sure no mic inputs in the Control Panel/Sound was muted
    I installed the latest Realtek HD drivers. I could go through mic setup
    wizard, and the volume indicator moved when I talked, but Sound Recorder
    would not record my voice. SO I installed Power Mixer (shareware) and
    all of sudden now I can record my voice in Sound Recorder and playback. I think this all points to problems with Windows Vista
    and its sound drivers.
    But I would still like to know if this has an internal mic, because even
    with Power Mixer I cant get it to work.
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