Thunderbolt/USB-C dock suggestions for Spectre x360 13-w0xx

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    This question has been discussed several times before, but I'm having difficulties finding concrete (and current) suggestions.

    I'm looking for a thunderbolt 3/USB-C dock for my Spectre x360 13-w0xx (Y5U29EA#UUW) something like the Belkin thunderbolt 3 mini dock:

    One of the reviews for that dock mentioned that the USB ports on the dock didn't work with their Spectre x360 for some reason. I know that troubleshooting this laptop can really get into the weeds sometimes (eg. USB-controller reset -_- ) and I'm okay with that but obv. would be nice to know beforehand whether a product is simply INcompatible with my laptop rather than just untested.

    I'd like your advice re. docks that you've managed to use with the 13" Spectre x360 or that should be compatible.


    - power passthrough for charging laptop (laptop uses 65W power supply???) - user guide & manual contains the following info:

    Operating voltage and current -​

    19.5 V dc @ 2.31 A – 45 W
    19.5 V dc @ 3.33 A – 65 W​

    "The computer operates on DC power, which can be supplied by an AC or a DC power source. The AC power source must be rated at 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz"​

    And offers this list of supported power specs:

    - power- button for turning on or waking from hibernate (or a convenient solution for doing that without opening lid)

    - displayport

    - at least 1 USB 3 port

    - pref. an HDMI port, pref. capable of 4k @ 60Hz

    - pref. ethernet port (not mandatory)

    - pref. a thunderbolt 3 or USB-C port.

    - I live in Sweden, so pref. something that's available in Sweden, and usable without an adapter :)

    - Price roughly $120 at most, pref. $100.

    The HP spectre travel dock doesn't include Displayport (neither does the Belkin dock). Some people appear to have been able to get their Spectre x360s working with various docks for business notebooks. Issues that have cropped up in these discussions are mostly about charging (dock doesn't reliably output enough power?), power button (can't turn on/wake with power button on dock), and ports not working (eg. USB ports on dock not working). Some of these issues may have been addressed with updates to BIOS or dock firmware.

    I'd greatly appreciate any and all help you can offer. I love this laptop, but owning it is a real pain in the butt sometimes :)
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    I wonder whether the dell TB16 would work, which costs next to nothing used.

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