Throttlestop Undervolting Question

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by ihueco, Aug 15, 2019.

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    CPU: i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz
    GPU: GTX1060 6GB
    RAM: 16GB

    Hey I have multiple questions on throttlestop. First one is I have been getting some limit reasons, mostly when I turn on my laptop/open it from sleep. I get PL1 and BD PROCHOT under CORE and EDP OTHER under RING. Since I am not getting them while actually using the laptop I guess it is not that worrying, but I still want to know if there is an explanation and if I should try to get it to not appear.

    Second one is regarding to speedsfhit. I have it set to it's default 128 since I don't know how to properly configure it and test it to get the better results. I just know it is better to have it enabled. However, I do see that under the TPL window there is another Speedshift already checked and a Min and Max boxes. The Min 1 and Max 38 are the deafult as well. Should I increase the range to max or even to include 128?

    Last, I am also using Throttlestop to undervolt. Is it safe to undervolt every option(including iGPU Unslice and System Agent)? Also which of them should I be undervolting together with the same values? I have read some guides on this, but they are only undervolting CPU Core, Cache and iGPU. However, on this guide I have seen some people also undervolting Unslice and System Agent.
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    Ask these questions in throttlestop thread instead of opening your own. People there will have easier access to your questions and will help you way faster.

    Throttlestop thread:
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