Throttlestop to undervolt laptop- is FID meant to fluctuate when game is on and the Turn On option

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    I just set up throttlestop and the temps are great. I'm wondering 2 things though, regarding when I use it to play FFXIV. Also, I'm using an Alienware m15 R4 laptop in case it matters and it has an Intel i7-10870H CPU.

    I undervolted the CPU core and cache by -80.1mV and changed the clock speeds on the bottom left down about 2 each (it went from 50 with 1 core active and 41 with 8 cores active to 48 with 1 core active and 35 with 8 cores active). To clarify this is the section in the FIVR that is labelled "Turbo Ratio Limits" (where it has 8 values, because my CPU has 8 cores, ranging from 1 Core Active to 8 Cores Active). While running tests (TS Bench and Cinebench) I get consistent 34.00 in the FID section on all 8 cores. But when I start FFXIV, I noticed at first the FID was 34.00 for a few minutes but then the FID goes down just a tiny put like 33.5 or 33.7 and fluctuates constantly. Is this normal? I'm new to this so I wasn't sure if it is meant to stay at 34.00 while gaming now. If this is normal, then how do you know exactly if the CPU is thermal throttling? (Just a note, the FPS in the game is good, I have it at 120 limit and it stays at 119-120 outside the major cities and 110-120 in major cities so everything in the game seems fine without any performance loss from lowering CPU voltage).

    Also, since I changed the "Turbo Ratio Limits" section, do I need to select the "Turn On" option in the task bar (right click TS in task bar)? Currently the throttlestop icon is green and the "Turn On" option is unchecked. I know the undervolting is applied whether or not you have this option selected, but I was not sure about if you changed the "Turbo Ratio Limits"? I found this info regarding the Turn On/Off button: "Turn On - Turn Off controls Set Multiplier, Chipset Clock Modulation and Clock Modulation. A lot of 8th Gen CPUs that have Speed Shift enabled do not need to use any of these 3 settings. Clock modulation throttling is rarely used on modern laptops." I was not sure what Clock modulation is though, or if that is what I did?


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