Thoughts on the new dell G7 17in?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Lambda808, Jul 3, 2020.

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    From what I see in the Inspiron Dell forum the G series is lacking in a cooling capacity I'll be interested to see if this model has changed anything.
    To answer the question of why the G series it is not competition for the Alienware which is a real Gaming Notebook. These G series are to give people that can't afford an Alienware notebook something to play with In this case you do get what you pay for.
    i have had two Asus Gaming Notebooks my first a G75VW. I had issues with it twice the first time they clean installed Windows and did not solve any issues. The 2nd time The CL people got involved since I was heavily involved in the ROG Forums they fixed it and my sister is still using it today. I have had my G752 VY Since 2016 no issues at all. Being in the forums for both ROG and Dell they seem to be competing on who can have the worst customer support. Some real nightmares for people with both companies. My advice for anyone purchasing from either company is to put your new notebook through the paces benchmark it hard Test In for CPU Temps under pressure and Furmark for Video card, if it can't keep up just send it back before the 30 day return period runs out. Do Not Hesitate chances are you'll never get it sorted out if you don't.
    I am having good luck with my Insprion 3768 no issue and in my 2nd year. The only issue I've had and Tech support was horrible even with Pro Plus 3 years. first was the trackpad wouldn't turn off with mouse present. this one took over a week to solve and it was the 3 or 4th tech that solves the issue. It was quite simple the trackpad is a precision trackpad window supported. i needed to upgrade the Intel IO driver. I found this the last tech told me to uninstall Dell Update and Dell update Assistant and Install Dell Command Update this is a manual update program that is used internally by the techs. Sure worked for me and now I only get updates when I choose and I get to select to install or NOT.
    The second issue was the Wi-fi- card failing after 3 or 4 different tech support idiots all concluding with Reseting my notebook. Which i refused todo i purchased a replacement Card install it and haven' looked back since. This would have been a major issue for any ordinary user. Either one would have been a real nightmare for most ordinary users
    Dell Seems to have taken a serious turn for the worse again with support. last time they did this i think it took a class action lawsuit to turn the company around and save it. Asus support has been horrible all along I don't remember a time when they had any good tech support. There ROG support forum has been in the past very helpful to those of us that found it. over the years there have been some Very switch on people hang out there.

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