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    353883BC-7E55-4D4F-BA92-2AE6BB21EB56.jpeg many of you know me and know I have a Alienware 18 (2013) editon, 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 ram, two Nvidia 780M’s in SLI,
    I then have a 512GB msata drive and bought a 2 and 1/2 inch Samsung pro 940 (or nine something) SSD drive. And ran them both in raid 0 and had amazing results . Even thought one was SSD and one was msata . I also had like a 740GB western digital storage drive. It’s in tip top condition except i don’t have the keyboard connected. It needs a piece of tape or a plastic clip to hold the keyboards ribbon in place to the motherboard.

    Anyway today I won a brand new Alienware 15 r4. It came with only 16GB of DDR4 ram and it’s two sticks so I’d have to get a 32GB kit to upgrade. For gaming i think that will be my last upgrade. The processor I found out after research is the second best one they offer behind the i9. It cam with a 6 core i7 8750H. I have no clue what it runs at but read it can boost to 4ghz. So far i was super happy . Then i get To the storage . It came with a 1TB 7200rpm data drive which I took out and hoped I could stack my 512GB Samsung SSD drive under it but it only can fit one so I am using the faster Samsung SSDdrive. After that there are three other spaces for storage . Two M.2 spaces one being filled with a 256GB stick, one same size empty space , and one third m.2 space that is for a stick half the size. As shown in the photo below.

    I thought the smaller opening was for my msata drive but it doesn’t fit so it’s definafeky a m.2 drive just a different model number.

    1- sorry for the long read but what would you guys do? Should I just buy another m.2 long and short drive of 256GB a piece? If I get the same size drives can I Raid 0 m.2 drives?

    2). Also stock out of the box I downloaded fire strike and scored around 5 thousand more points then my fully over clocked 4930mx CPU and overclocked 780m’s in sli , Raid 0 storage and 32GB 1600mhz DDR3
    I know my new cpu is 6 core but it’s stock and I don’t think it can be overclockedand my 1070 has max-q or whatever and they kicked ass.

    Any suggestions on what to buy first to add to it?
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    There isn't really much to add to this machine internally, as everything is soldered. I would recommend storage if anything, but it seems you're good on that part, next would be RAM, but you already have a 32GB kit

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