Thinkpad Yoga 370 battery on 260?

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by Starlight5, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Assuming both are genuine Lenovo. Dimensions and shape are absolutely the same.

    370 battery: 15.28V 51Wh (FRU 01AV433)
    260 battery: 15.2V 44Wh (FRU 00HW027)

    Is there any particular reason why it definitely won't work? I'm really on the verge of ordering one and trying for myself, but I'm not sure how does embedded controller (EC) determine if the battery plugged is correct, and not really want to waste time if the idea is doomed to failure because some technical quirk I am not aware of - hence the question.

    Why: while 370 is newer, it has glossy PWM display which ain't bonded with digitizer vs bonded matte PWM-free on 260. 260's weakest spot, on the other hand, is poor battery life - larger 370 battery could definitely resolve this problem. I'm bored until newer Thinkpads are introduced at CES 2018 anyway - so why not give it a try, if there is any chance it may work.
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