Thinkpad Edge 15 Mini-Review

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by Injek, May 20, 2011.

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    Hello everyone.

    There may not be much hype about the older version of the edge since the new products are out, but due to budget restraints, I went for the Thinkpad Edge 15.

    Black cover
    Core i5 M480 2.6Ghz
    4 Gb ram
    320gb 7200rpm hdd
    15.6" matte screen
    Fingerprint reader

    The screen is very nice. Matte and even backlighting. The colours are also pleasant. It's probably not a 600:1 contrast ratio, but still, it's enjoyable to read on it. Maybe a higher resolution ( 1600x900) would have been better, but I'm okay with the lower resolution.

    The keyboard is DEFINITELY NOT as "sucky" as most reviews I read described. I might have been luckier since I really don't have a noticeable amount of flex like most review products seemed to possess.
    It's very enjoyable to use the chicklet keyboard. Some cons there though. The space bar is a bit clunky. The spring action sound is louder on that key, but it's bearable.
    Key travel is good.
    I also really like using the ultranav pointer!

    The speaker is loud and clear. However it lacks bass. Bass is kind of non-existant.

    Fingerprint reader works well.

    I really don't have many cons about this laptop.

    Concerning software. There was the thinkvantage tools.
    I didn't bother in doing a clean install, but I was quite surprised to see that there was already ~35Gb of my hdd already filled up.
    Setting up battery thresholds is a nice feature.

    Webcam and speakers are good. Used them on skype.

    The system is quite fast and snappy, although I wouldn't have expected less from such a processor ( especially when my former laptop had a T2300 cpu... )

    Overall I'm very pleased with my new Thinkpad Edge 15!

    Last thing. I've had to use an AutoHotKey script to make the middle ultranav button act as scroll and middle click. Is there any new solution to this?

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