Thinkpad bought in outlet store as (new)... but a couple issues? return? complain? thoughts?

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by Alchemist, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Ok, I just picked up an earlier generation X series thinkpad in their outlet store. I like it but its not quite 'new' so im considering options.

    First there is the battery... typically thinkpad batteries start with capacities 5-10% over the stated battery capacity. Its something I like about thinkpads, but I know batteries lose capacity over time and an older model has had time pass.. new or not... so I figured Id probably get a thinkpad with the battery capacity at its listed capacity... but this one is 12% below listed. If I bought a NEW machine with a battery 12% less than its listed capacity I would return it. but while this is 'new' on their books its a couple years old.

    Then I question if it really is 'new' as there is a spot on the case where the seam is a bit wider... how they sometimes end up when someone has opened a thinkpad up. I'm familiar with it as I've worked on a dozen or more. Which makes me wonder if its just a really good refurb.

    Its an outlet item and they are long gone so there is now exchange... so live with it? return it? try to get a discount on a battery pack? I've had a few run-ins with Lenovo sales/service/support recently and in general they have been less than stellar. Will they actually do anything? Is it worth complaining or just decide thumbs up or thumbs down and go with it.

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    You can't say the laptop is used/new/whatever based on the wear level of the battery. That's a guestimate and often changes. My new X1 Extreme came with 8% "wear" which slowly transitioned to 0% after a couple of discharges. You can run the calibrator if you want to see if that fixes it.

    If you see signs that it was opened up then perhaps it was. A bit wider as in it was pried open?

    You can ask Lenovo for a new battery if you really want to. Or you can say you want to return it and chances are they will offer you 5-10% cashback to keep you happy.

    Really it comes down to what you want to do.
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