The New Land Rover Defender

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    A great new vehicle that bucks the trend of outrageous pricing by releasing an entry level 4 door model under $50k, with the 2 door to follow for a bit less.

    Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender
    Published on Sep 10, 2019
    After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!

    FIRST LOOK: New Land Rover Defender | Top Gear
    Top Gear
    Published on Sep 10, 2019
    This new Land Rover Defender has to walk a difficult line: It must be an object of desire to the prosperous public - but it also needs genuine utility so the farmers-to-peacekeepers market will show a renewed interest. Can it? Well, let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix walk you around both the new 90 and 110 Defender, then it’s up to you to decide.

    The Doug DeMuro take on the New Land Rover Defender is gold, see it here:
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