The Final Fantasy XV Release Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)' started by Raidriar, Feb 28, 2018.

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    VIII, X, XII are my favorites. XIII and all its iterations were garbage. FFXV was a little refreshing but the story needs help.
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    yes ive also played nearly every final fantasy game, i didn't play XIII-2 or lightning returns, i didn't enjoy FFXIII, the game has elements of all of the earlier games, and of course its all centered around your party and the comradery of the group as you grow and the story opens up,combat has two setting options active and wait, active is real time and is the only method i have tried.

    it has a different feel than any other single player final fantasy game ive played, as its much more open world, and really encourages exploration and taking bounties for more challenging content within the game as the main form of "side quests"

    as well as this the game has day and night cycles and night time is amazing but very risky, i was returning from a completed quest and got attacked by 4 level 25 reapers and then a level 47 fire golem showed up to join the party, i was level 18 at the time, it was kinda intense, I really enjoy this risk reward system of night time travel and taking on harder bounties.

    where the game seems a little on the light side is the level up/magic system, it isn't really that complicated, it doesn't feel as deep as it could be, but i for one am more excited about the new direction the series is taken and hope they will continue to improve on the model
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