[The big Race] The worst Clevo of my life. (How to put 6 grands in a paperweight)

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by LaPlume, May 9, 2018.

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    Well as said in the original post, I had been in contact with eurocom support for a lot of stuff.
    This computer already did a full back and forth through RMA (that I paid shipping for) as from day 1, both the crossfire AND the keyboard were defective, and it took them almost a full year for it to happen, as at first the guy I talked with was even unable to answer mails, looked like pretending I wasn't able to use the numLock key... (the last 2 right columns of keys were not working at all, numlock enabled or not).
    Back from RMA with a new keyboard, and a new card for 0$ on the bill, had to pay taxes cause new stuff coming through local frontier, yeay, and the crossfire wasn't working, and I was out of the 1year warranty.

    I don't think I would call that "willing to rectify the issues".

    As for selling it back to Eurocom, they proposed a 25% off of their new stuff for trading in the panther 5.
    And sending a 5k2$ computer (that cost me 6k with shipping and RMA shipping and RMA taxes), given I would have to pay at least 150-200 bucks again for shipping it again, and that I'm not that willing on going that whole rodeo twice to end up making a venting out post on here in 4 years cause I would have been stuck with a brick again... let's say I would be better off selling just the ram and cpu, tossing to trash the rest, gpu included, and buying something @ >any ever< other clevo reseller.

    Also, having learnt that Prema has stopped distributing his biosmods due to some poopy-behavior from an user who leaked one of his bios-mod, I guess I'm out of luck to use one for my 6k Brick.
    I actually managed to find back some of his bios still up somehow (won't tell how, as it's against his will), but not the p570wm one.
    Any idea of any bios that could be at least a tiny bit better than Eurocom's one, which apparently isn't even able to communicate correctly with XTU, and is full of "To be filled by OEM" stuff when ever I fire up HWinfo or any other similar software?
    To give you an idea, this bios doesn't even allow me to modify anything else than the boot options and PXE thingy. Not even the cpu clock multiplier!
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    Why dont you just flash the latest Clevo BIOS?

    All you gonna lose is the logo that shows up at boot...


    There is BIOS and EC in there, those are from Clevo, and its BIOS 1.03.06 and EC 1.03.03.

    Or get it from Eurocom, they also have BIOS on their site..


    They call their BIOS version 0307 and their EC 0303.

    I dont get this whole rant about BIOS, Clevos are mediocre/crap machines without custom firmware to fix all their limitations, and half the value of a Clevo is in having a good modded BIOS, since there are no more "free" Prema BIOS and you have to buy from X store to get it, forget Clevos and their 2000 designs.

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