The best way to organize/sync your iOS/Mac Devices

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    This was/is my biggest gripe with iPhones, which is why I always used Android Phones all my life because it is a simple matter of copy/pasting files like it's an external flash drive. With iPhones and other iOS Devices, you had to use iTunes and each version of iTunes was a bit different so some guides that you may see online don't work and it's a very tedious method and you can't be sure that it always worked.

    Since I recently switched to iOS/macOS completely, I researched this and found this amazing app called iMazing which makes it a breeze top copy/paste files, be it music, pics, videos, you name it.

    So here is how I set things up:

    1) I started up from scratch, factory reset my iPhone, so it was basically empty.

    2) On my MacBook Pro, I opened up the Photos app and created albums (ie. My Photos, Family, Photoshoot, My Cars, etc.)

    3) I then dragged/dropped my photos which I had organized on my external drive one group at a time to fill each album.

    4) Now the photos slowly uploaded to the cloud and I could see them eventually on my iPhone with the same organize Album structure

    5) Next, I installed imagine and ran it, then I simply dragged/dropped my Music and Videos to the respective folders as you see below:

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    On Windows you can do same thing using 3uTool. Don't buy any paid version of any iOS cleaners, 3uTools will suffice.
    With OS X you get the ability to archive a iOS/iPad backup as a archive which isn't available on windows iTunes version.

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