Testing undervolting of GPU on Nitro 5 Ryzen

Discussion in 'Acer' started by taraquin, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Friend of mine got a Nitro 5 4600H with 1650 a few weeks ago. Borrowed it and tested out impact of undervolt with Afterburner. Set a fixed frequency/voltagecurve of 1580MHz@700mv. This reduced max GPU-load from 51W to 36W. Performance dropped around 5% i Unigine heaven. GPU-temp dropped by 4C (and CPU-temp by 10C during stress. Also tried a 60fps cap through RTSS which dropped GPU-temp 1C more and CPU by 3C. Stock temp lies around 60C on GPU and 75C on CPU. Fans are also less noisy. It might be possible to run the 1650 faster and I did not OC dram, I think with dram OC and slightly higher MHz at 700mv you can get stock performance with way better thermals and noise vs stock :)

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