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    First post in this section, and no, it's not a purchase.

    So last week I was cleaning my P651SE and while screwing the GPU heatsink a screw broke inside the thread.
    I then proceeded to remove the X-Bracket and was already thinking "sh**, two weeks without a laptop till the bracket reaches my house from China". Then I did the stupidest thing in almost 10 years dealing with computers. I proceeded with the removal of the X-bracket without applying any heat to it. So, as you can imagine, it was difficult to remove correctly. Then I noticed I removed, not one, but two capacitors from the back of the motherboard. I went a bit berserk and was already thinking were I wold get the money to buy a new laptop.

    When I was trying to remove the bracket I was already texting with @John@OBSIDIAN-PC to check if he could get me a spare one, and when I told him what I have done he calmed me down and said to show up at his shop/store by Monday (the debacle was on Saturday) to fix the whole mess I created.

    So after a few hours Ricardo (I don't know if he has an account here) completely fixed my laptop, and we even made an upgrade to the CPU cooler were he modded a P650RE CPU cooler to fit my model.


    So after a stressful weekend I came back from the store with a working (and better than original) laptop.

    Thanks so much to @John@OBSIDIAN-PC and Ricardo for their awesome work. I could not recommend the ObsidianPC store more. I guess I need to give them back the kindness with a little help on the Obsidian App :D
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    Yeah you will pay our ultimate soldering and modding work with code commits for our app!!!!
    You are now my codding slave!

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