T480 overheating on W10 only

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    I have a Lenovo T480 which has been causing a lot of grief (considering my T430, W530 works very well to this day). It has 3 linux OS and W10 on them. I use thinkfan to control the fans on Linux side and even at 4 core at 100%, with a cooling pad the temperature stays below 80C all the time.

    Now on Windows 10, I used to use HWINFO64 and Thinkfan to set the fan speeds but after some upgrade, the laptop started crashing due to overheating. I took the custom fan control off and the CPU idles at 60C on cooling pad and often reaches over 90C when I am opening Zoom, Skype and etc. This is not due to thermal paste or other hardware issue because everything is still going great on Linux but on Windows 10, I can't even do custom fan control and the computer just stays high temperature (to me above 50C is considered high, I like to idle at 35C+/-5C) ALL the time!

    Anyone else tweaking fan speeds on W10 with a different software without an issue?

    I also would like to mention that the drivers are updated and maintained properly.

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