T420 Buy Now or Wait (College Student)

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by chikojaname, May 8, 2012.

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    Agreed on both. I'm not a fan on buying a laptop on Ebay unless it's something specific (usually I need a partial to repair a broken one).

    I just got an E6420 for a family member with 4GB RAM, the hi-res 1600x900 display, Core i5-2520M, all of the toys except discrete graphics, and a 256GB SSD, in the mid-$800 range from the Outlet. The SSD (a Samsung 830, common on current Dells) is $300 on Newegg alone. A 3-year warranty came standard.

    I would rather order ThinkPads for myself, but then I control the service experience. For others, I'd rather I get support from Dell, even if the design of the E6420 isn't quite as polished as the ThinkPad T420. It's still a decent laptop.
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